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 Savoury Platters

Salt Beef Platter £45.00

30 slices (approx) freshly cooked salt beef


Latke Platter £35.00

20 large potato and onion latkes


Mini Spring Roll Platter £30.00

50 mini vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli dip


Mini Boureka Platter £35.00

40 mini puff pastry parcels filled with a selection of spinach, potato and mushroom


Fish Goujon Platter £50.00

35 (approx) deep fried fish goujons coated in matzah meal, served with tartar sauce


Fish Ball Platter £37.00

50 deep fried fish balls


Mini Vol-au-Vent Platter £30.00

30 vol-au-vents filled with cream of mushroom and mozzarella & tomato or a selection of both


Quiche Platter £28.50

Cheese & onion quiche, or mediterranean vegetable quiche


Cheese and Crackers £38.00

A selection of soft and hard cheese served with mixed crackers, flatbreads, grapes and chutney


Ploughman’s Platter £35.00

A selection of hard cheeses, served with fresh baguette slices, pickled cucumbers, pickled onions and Branston pickle


Mozzarella Stick Platter £35.00

40 breaded mozzarella sticks served with a tomato dip


Mini Cheese & Onion Rolls £22.50

60 mini cheese & onion rolls 


Mini Chicken Satay Skewer Platter £28.50

60 mini chicken satay skewers served with a sweet chilli dip


Indian Selection Platter £30.00

50 pieces containing mini vegetable samosas, mini onion bhajis and mini vegetable pakoras served with yogurt & mint dip


Vegetable Samosa Platter £27.50

50 mini vegetable samosas served with a yogurt and mint dip


Children’s Party Platter £30.00 

A selection of mini sandwiches, mini pizzas, cheese & onion rolls and mini chocolate rolls, cupcakes, biscuits and crisps (serves 4)


Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizza Platter £27.50

36 mini pizzas topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato

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