Dessert Platter Image.jpg

Dessert Platters

Cheesecake £30.00

24 slices of baked vanilla cheesecake


Mini Apple Strudel Platter £40.00

40 homemade mini filo strudel parcels filled with apple, jam and raisins 


Mini Cake Platter £42.00

40 mini individual cakes - choice of flavours and filling


Mini Continental Danish Platter £24.50

30 mixed mini continental pastries (mini croissants, pan au raisin, chocolate twists and pan au chocolate)


Mini Dessert Platter £40.00

40 mini sweet pastry desserts (banoffee pie, chocolate mousse and lemon tart)


Fruit Kebabs £30.00

40 skewers with a selection of melon, grapes, blueberries and pineapple 


Exotic Fruit Platter £37.00

Platter of exotic seasonal fruits decorated with chocolate covered strawberries


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

20 chocolate covered strawberries £30 - 40 chocolate covered strawberries £55 


Mini Meringue Platter £30.00

40 mini meringues decorated with fresh cream and seasonal berries